Innovative Green Building Systems, LLC.

Innovative Green Building Systems 

Would Like to Introduce Our Unique Construction-Framing Concept.

A Load Bearing, Light Gauge, Steel Framing System

Our internationally patented MODULAR FRAME BUILDING SYSTEM™

  • Is Cost Effective
  • Is Easy to Install
  • Offers Substantial Design Flexibility
  • Will Add High LEED Points to Your Structure

OUR SYSTEM IS A SUPERIOR FRAMING SYSTEM FOR USE IN MULTI-STORY PROJECTS: (apartments/condos, hotels, asst living, or mixed-use structures)


IT IS AN IDEAL FRAMING SYSTEM FOR:  Schools, Retail, Light Industrial, and Specialty Buildings, and SFD Residential Developments.

Our PRE-FABRICATED MODULAR FRAMING SYSTEM Offers Many Project Design and Installation Advantages, Which Include:

  • The MFBS� is Designed and Approved for Structures up to 10-Stories Tall.

  • Installation that is:  Faster, Easier, Considerably Less Expensive.

  • Installed Frame Structure that:

    • Is Stronger, Tighter, and Truer
    • Meets or Exceeds All Local and National Building Codes
    • Meets or Exceeds All Seismic, Wind, Snow and Drift Force Loading Requirements
    • Has UL Fire Ratings of up to 4 Hours.  (1, 2, 3, or 4 Hours).
    • Has STC Sound Ratings of up to 66.  (58, 59, 63, and 66 in a 6 Inch Wall).

  • Our Wall Panel System Does NOT Require Bridging, Blocking, or Strapping to transfer loads.  We Integrate Several Panels Types to Achieve All Code-Stress Goals. These Include:  

    • Brace Frame Shear Wall Panels
    • Gravity Load Bearing Wall Panels
    • Window, Door or Header Panels

  • The System can be used with any Floor, Roof, or Foundation System and any Exterior Finish.

  • It is a Non-Combustible, Termite and Pest Proof, Non-Rotting, Molding, or Warping Structure, both early on as well as years later, that will make Your Project Easier to Insure-Finance-Sell.

  • A GREEN Building System that Adds High LEED Points to Your Project
    • Steel Offers 100% Recycle-ability in Addition to Having a Very High Sustainability.

  • Quick, Easy Installation:  All Wall Panels are Pre-Fabricated.  They are Made of Various Gauges (6 thru 16) of Recycled, Cold Rolled, Coated, 2" x 3" Rectangular Steel Tubing Which is Precisely Cut, Jig Set, and then Fully Welded.  We Also Attach Furring, Fasteners, Clips, Bolts and Embeds in Order to Assure Quick, Easy, Trouble Free On Site Erection.