Innovative Green Building Systems, LLC.

We at Innovative Green Building Systems, LLC. ("IGBS") are pleased to introduce you to the ultimate in steel construction - our Pre-Engineered MODULAR FRAME BUILDING SYSTEM™, or MFBS™ with International Patents.  Due to its versatility, it has been and can be utilized in single-family housing, duplexes, multi-family apartments, assisted living, condos, classrooms, offices, and commercial, retail, light industrial and specialty buildings.  This cutting edge technology offers you a superior new building concept that is environmentally sensitive, cost-effective, expandable and has substantial design flexibility.

Our MODULAR FRAME BUILDING SYSTEM™ is designed, engineered and fabricated to save contractors, developers and owners time and money, while supplying the highest quality product to the building market.  The IGBS system provides a simple and streamlined method of construction, while adding value to any structure.

We can supply a complete Structural Frame Building System.  Our unique wall panel system consists of Integrated Brace Shear Panels, Gravity Load Bearing Panels, Window and Door Panels or Headers, all pre-fabricated and welded together from recycled, cold-rolled steel tubing.  The Panels include furring attachments, as well as fasteners, clips and bolts to all erection at a more rapid pace.  Additionally, we offer embeds for PT or Podium Decks, and HSS Columns designed and fabricated to use in conjunction with our MFBS™.  This unique feature gives our clients the ability to plan and coordinate projects more effectively and economically.

These structures are engineered to satisfy needs for very high strength, durability, energy efficiency, ease of assembly, low cost, and to meet or exceed all local and national building codes.  Our lateral frame system was developed to perform especially well in heavy snow, high wind and earthquake prone areas.  The IGBS MFBS™ is made of coated steel that is non-combustible, termite and pest proof, and is not susceptible to warping, shrinkage, dry rot, mold and mildew, or any of the material inconsistencies of wood construction.