Innovative Green Building Systems, LLC.
Innovative Green Building Systems, LLC. ("IGBS") Operating Company represents a new and unique Modular Frame Building System ("MFBS").  The MFBS utilizes Pre-engineered universal panels that are manufactured in the IGBS approved and licensed fabrication facilities, under tight quality control procedures, and then erected at the job site by Authorized Dealers.

IGBS is responsible for marketing the Patented and Proprietary Universal Modular Frame Building System for homes and buildings which is modular (factory preformed), de-mountable (can be taken apart), universal (a large variety of uses), expandable (can be added on to for future growth), and pre-engineered (fully verified to support vertical and shear forces.

IGBS intends to market the MFBS by providing a high quality product that meets or exceeds all building codes, is sensitive to the environment, and will create training and meaningful jobs for the future economic benefit of those willing to utilize the technology.