Innovative Green Building Systems, LLC.

Some Advantages of the IGBS System Are:

  • The IGBS Modular Frame Building System ("MFBS") meets or exceeds all wind, seismic, snow and drift forces.
  • Has UL (Underwriters Laboratories) fire, life and safety ratings for 1, 2, 3 and 4 hour walls.
  • Has a superior sound rating (STC) using a single 6" wall - STC 58, 59, 63, & 66.
  • Can be used for entry level / single family housing.
  • Can be used for mid-rise buildings.
  • IGBS Walls are easy & fast to install, primarily as a bolt together system.
  • IGBS Integrated Brace Shear Panels do not require plywood, OSB or shear board for shear or diaphram.
  • IGBS Gravity Load Bearing Panels do not require bridging, blocking, or hold-downs to transfer loads.
  • IGBS Wall Panels come in 4 types:  Shear, Bearing, Window & Door Panels.
  • IGBS Wall Panels are typically 6" in depth, and can vary in width & height based upon Architectural Design.
  • IGBS typical panels weights range from 150 lbs for single levels, and up to 350 lbs for mid-rise buildings.  The walls are grouped in bundles of 8 or 9 assemblies for shipping that weighs 1,000 to 3,000 lbs.
  • Easy to integrate other components for finish, such as:
    • Floor joist or metal decking with concrete
    • Trusses, any style
    • Exterior finish, such as:  brick, stucco, metal, wood or specialty finishes
    • Any type of foundations:  slab-on-grade, conventional stem wall foundation, post tension (PT) deck, poured in place or pilings
    • Interior finishes are straight and true
  • Cost effective, saves time, eliminates waste, green building practice, recyclable, renewable, and reusable
  • Licensed fabricators adhere to stringent UL Certification, quality control standards and material traceability, while creating jobs and economic benefits in their communities.